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Who we are

Our Company, which was established in September 1999, has been operating in Rozália Industrial Park in Biatorbágy under the direction of the owners Zsuzsanna Palkó and Zoltán Fehér. The Company’s activities include international and domestic freighting and transport, which we have supplemented by warehousing. Our 2200 square meters warehouse services our international groupage transport with delivery to the destination or removal from the dispatch point with its own as well as foreign vehicles. We are ready to service all interested parties, who whish to warehouse their goods at our premises following manufacturing, or received in import and to be delivered at a later date either to a domestic addressee or to an export partner. During warehousing labelling and commissioning is possible with short deadlines and at advantageous charges.

Our transport activities are complex and are more then simple freight organisation, they includes if required custom clearance, shipping space reservation, organisation of derrick work, etc.
The Company’ principal destination is Great Britain mainly with groupage transport, making possible the delivery of smaller cargos at cost effective freight prices. In this kind of exports the cargos are loaded at the premises of the domestic dispatcher onto smaller domestic trucks – if required onto vehicles with risible tailgate, fourgon, manual loading or packing at the site – and the cargo is then distributed onto camions according to the destination at our warehouse in Biatorbágy.

Our transport technology is similar for imports too, thanks to our established contacts in England we can have smaller cargos taken to warehouses in Great Britain – allowing thus goods to be collected even from the inner city – and from there freighted to Hungary with our own vehicles at very friendly prices.
Our transport destinations cover the whole of Hungary and even beyond to Slovakia and Romania. If required we are ready to satisfy transport requirements of 3d countries, be it from Germany, Austria or France to Great Britain, with the destination address throughout Great Britain, be it an inner city address or Isle of Man or Isle of Weight , or even British territories in Northern Ireland.

You can monitor your cargo throughout the transport process, all our trucks and camions are equipped with GPS, furthermore, when your transport order is placed with us our dispatcher responsible for your cargo will be able to provide you with information about the exact location of your goods by cellular phone 24 hours a day.
Besides the above, with the involvement of subcontractors our Company also provides forwarding to any destination in Europe in any weight category, and our profile includes oversees container transport as well as air freight of small packages. All our subcontractors are reliable companies with whom we have long standing, proved partnership.

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Our fleet

Our fleet:

  • 45′ tilt trucks 25 ton
  • 25′ + 25′ lorry + trailer with lift
  • van
  • 25′ lorryes

Our team

Fehér Zoltán
Owner/Managing Director, Tel: +36 30 221 7757, +36 23-523 500
Palkó Zsuzsanna
Owner/Office Manager Tel: +36 30 221 7957, +36 23-523 500
Bodó Emőke
Head of Secretary, Invoicing, Tel: +36 30-350 7679, +36 23-523 500
Salfai Csaba
Export Sales Manager, Tel.: +36 30 609 9194, +36 23 523 500
Pető Nikolett
Customs Manager, Tel.: +36 30 7013180, +36-23-523500
Komáromi Richárd
Customs Manager, Tel.: +36 30 474 9258, +36 23 523 500
Pálinkás András
Calculation Manager, Tel.: +36 30 579 3951, +36 23 523 500
    Faller Marcell
    Domestic Fleet Manager/Warehouse Manager, Tel.: +36 30 478 8467, +36 23 523 500
      Jakab Imre
      Import Dealer, Tel: +36 30 106 0133, +36 23 523 500

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